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Kevin Wirth of Crestwood, Kentucky is a two time Bassmaster event winner. Originally a jockey who competed in the Kentucky Derby, he switched to professional fishing after suffering a career-ending injury. A pro fisherman now for over 20 years, he's earned nearly $1 million in Bassmaster winnings. Kevin has qualified for the Bassmaster Classic 10 times, and his most recent Bassmaster victory came in 2008 at a Bassmaster Elite Series event on Tennessee's Old Hickory Lake, where an outdoor baptism was put on hold so as not to interrupt him while fishing. In 2009 Kevin finished 23rd in the Toyota Tundra Bassmaster Angler of the Year standings, placing him in the top quarter of his field. Also a talented golfer, Kevin has scored several top-five finishes in PGA amateur events.

For Kevin, the excitement of catching a fish is enough to.make him want to smoke. In fact, smoking is a big part of his whole fishing routine. It's important for him to re-learn life without cigarettes because of the physical and mental demands of competitive bass fishing.

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