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Believed to be the youngest angler, at age 13, to ever fish a Bassmaster event, Zell Rowland of Montgomery, TX has had many notable achievements ever since. The five-time Bassmaster event winner has qualified for the Bassmaster Classic - the Super Bowl of bass fishing - 16 times. Over the course of his 25-plus-year career, he has earned over $1 million in Bassmaster winnings. Zell is believed to be one of the best top-water anglers ever to fish at the highest levels of competition. His most recent victory was in a Bassmaster Elite Series-level event in 2005 on Alabama's Lake Guntersville. Rowland, 52, was nominated in ESPN's Greatest Angler Debate as one of the 35 best bass anglers in the history of the sport.

The frustration of losing a fish is one of his smoking triggers. He also uses cigarettes as a way to pass time during slow periods. Zell's had a bit of a dry spell lately, but hopes that re-learning life without cigarettes will help him read the water again and be a better fisherman.

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