Can't quit smoking? It's not just you.

Can't quit smoking? It's not just you.
Re-learn life without cigarettes.

There are lots of things that can make you want to reach for a cigarette like being bored, driving, or even that morning cup of coffee. We know how difficult getting past these triggers can be – that’s why we created a quit plan for smokers, by smokers.

The EX Plan is a free quit smoking program designed to show you a whole new way to think about quitting. Here’s why it works:

  • EX was developed with the latest scientific research from Mayo Clinic 
  • EX is based on personal experiences from ex-smokers
  • EX features personalized tools, guidance and motivation
  • EX gives you access to our online support community – a place to vent, celebrate, or get advice.
  • EX sets you up for success. Research shows the more you visit the EX website, the more likely you are to quit smoking.

And it's free. That's right: Free.

So get access to your personalized quit plan by answering a few question below. Once you're finished, you'll get access to the tools, guidance and motivation you need to quit for good.

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1. About You

2. About Your Smoking Behavior

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