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Pro bass fishermen and long-time smokers Kevin Wirth and Zell Rowland have bet each other that they can quit smoking – to improve their health and their fishing. And they've each teamed up with EX to help them win. Watch videos of Kevin and Zell re-learning life –and fishing– without cigarettes. And be sure to join the Bassmaster Community group and re-learn your life without cigarettes along with other fishing fans.



Part of re-learning life without cigarettes is understanding how nicotine affects your brain and how medication can double your chances of quitting for good. There are different types of medication available, and EX recommends trying them to figure out which work best for you. To help you do this, we've partnered with Nicorette to offer EX members a free 20-count starter kit of nicotine replacement gum (while supplies last). Nicotine replacement gum is available without a prescription and can provide a dose of nicotine when you feel a craving hit.

To hear an expert from Mayo Clinic explain how medications can improve your chances for quitting, click here.

Join the Nicotine Gum Users group in the EX Community to learn more about using medication as part of your comprehensive quit plan.

EX endorses the use of nicotine replacement therapies (NRTs). However, EX does not endorse Nicorette over other FDA-approved NRT gums or NRT gums over other FDA-approved NRT products. GSK has not provided any funding or other consideration to EX (or Legacy) in connection with this offer.


Carl Edwards

You're quitting smoking, and Carl Edwards is coming along for the ride. He's partnering with EX to help you re-learn life without cigarettes. Take a look at behind-the-scenes videos of Carl Edwards, or check out the personalized e-cards. And make sure to join the Carl Edwards Community group to connect with other race fans who are quitting with EX.

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Genentech BioOncology

Cancer Survivors Support Each Other Quitting Smoking, is made possible by Genentech BioOncology.

Sklar Brothers

Sklar Brothers

Even though quitting smoking is serious, that doesn't mean you can't have a few laughs along the way. That's why EX is partnering with the Sklar Brothers to put on their hilarious new show, The Tweekly News. Watch the latest episodes and exclusive content to take your mind off of things until the urge to light up passes. You can also help a friend go smoke-free by having the Sklar Brothers send them a personalized message. So add a little comedy to your quit as you re-learn life without cigarettes.

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