How to Quit Smoking

In order to quit smoking, you need to re-learn your life without cigarettes. It won’t happen overnight, but if you take some time before you stop smoking to prepare for what you’ll be facing on quit day and beyond, you’ll be that much closer to becoming an ex-smoker. There are three main things you’ll need to re-learn in order to quit smoking successfully. As the videos below will show, you need to re-learn habit, re-learn addiction and re-learn support. All three are important.

Re-learn Habit

When you smoke, there are lots of things you do just because that’s what you always do. Like reaching for a cigarette when you pour a cup of coffee in the morning or get in your car. In order to quit, you need to re-learn how to do all of these things without a cigarette. In this section, we’ll help you do that by picking apart your smoking habit into little pieces you can tackle one by one. Once you begin, you’ll start to look at quitting smoking not as one huge war, but as a series of small battles you can actually see yourself winning. Listen to ex-smoker Tonya explain.

Re-learn Addiction

Believe it or not, the nicotine in your cigarettes actually changes the chemistry of your brain. Once your brain gets used to nicotine, it begins to crave it and makes you miserable when it doesn’t get it. That’s why it can be so hard to “just quit.” In this section, we’ll talk about how you can beat those cravings and DOUBLE your chances of success. Listen to ex-smoker Ethan explain.

Re-learn Support

Some people like to keep quiet about the fact that they’re trying to quit smoking. That way if they aren’t able to do it, no one will have to know. That’s true, but having the support of friends and family can increase the chances that you WILL be able to do it. In this section, we’ll tell you how to get support from people, even the ones who don’t want to give it. And if you don’t have anyone around you to give support, the EX Community can provide the quit smoking support that you need. Listen to ex-smoker Jason explain.

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Nicotine is a chemical in tobacco, and it's what makes smokers addicted to cigarettes. In fact, nicotine is just as addictive as many of the hard drugs. When you inhale smoke from a cigarette, nicotine can reach the brain in less than 10 seconds. Once there, nicotine changes the chemistry of the brain over time.

Inhaling a drug is the fastest way to get it to your brain. It's like a lot of nicotine really fast. Right after you put out that cigarette, the nicotine level in your blood starts to drop. After a while, your brain and body send out signals of withdrawal, so you light another one. With addiction, you start to think that smoking's making you feel better when it's really just keeping you from feeling bad.

Relearning the whole idea of addiction can help you understand why using medication is important. It can double your chances of success.

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