BecomeAnEX and the Affordable Care Act

BecomeAnEX is an evidence-based, comprehensive tobacco cessation program that meets the Reasonable Alternative requirements under Affordable Care Act guidelines. It was designed in collaboration with experts from Mayo Clinic Nicotine Dependence Center, and is consistent with the Public Health Service Clinical Practice Guidelines for Treating Tobacco Dependence.

  1. It provides practical counseling and problem solving skills to help smokers learn about their habit and overcome their nicotine addiction.
  2. It features detailed information and support around medication use.
  3. And it includes a large, robust support community of thousands of current and former smokers, available night and day to educate and encourage each other.

The site has served over 750,000 registered users since it was launched in 2008, making it one of the largest proven programs available today.

BecomeAnEX is also at the center of a large NIH-funded research portfolio and has undergone extensive research testing. Our research has shown that EX yields quit rates of 23% at 9 months and that greater use of the EX platform is associated with higher quit rates. These results are comparable to other broad-reach treatments like telephone counseling and brief physician advice.

How BecomeAnEX Can Work with You

Program: The BecomeAnEX platform can be customized

...for your worksite or health plan to serve as a reasonable alternative standard. We provide routine reports on program enrollment, engagement, and completion for you to easily manage your employee/member benefits.

Promotion: Promoting EX is easy

We have a variety of out-of-the-box promotional items for you to inform smokers about EX. In addition, you will work with a dedicated BecomeAnEX Client Success Manager throughout the contract to ensure that EX is working – for you and your employees/members.

Reach out to talk through how to contract with EX to customize it for your worksite or member group.

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