Concerned about COVID-19 or Coronavirus? Read about COVID-19 and Smoking or Vaping and these Tips to Quit Smoking or Vaping During COVID-19.

COVID-19 / Coronavirus and Smoking or Vaping

These are uncertain times and, like a lot of us here at BecomeAnEX, you may be concerned or confused about what you’re hearing and seeing in the news about COVID-19 or Coronavirus. Being informed is one way to feel more in control during a time when many things seem out of our control. Click here to read the latest information about the virus from our partners at Mayo Clinic.

If you smoke or vape you also may be feeling anxious about what all of this could mean for your own health because the Coronavirus that causes COVID-19 attacks the lungs and could be a particularly serious threat to tobacco users.

Some things we know smoking and vaping do to the body:

  • Smoking has a negative impact on lung health.
  • Smoking causes many respiratory diseases.
  • Smoking suppresses your immune system and lowers your ability to fight infections.
    • For example, smokers are 2X as likely to get the flu as non-smokers and have more severe symptoms.
  • E-cigarettes can damage lung cells.

What we understand so far about smoking and vaping related to COVID-19:

  • To date, 5 studies have reported data on the smoking status of patients infected with COVID-19. A comprehensive review of these studies concluded that:
    • “Although further research is warranted as the weight of the evidence increases, with the limited available data, and although the above results are unadjusted for other factors that may impact disease progression, smoking is most likely associated with the negative progression and adverse outcomes of COVID-19.”
  • There are no data yet regarding links between vaping and COVID-19.
  • It’s always best to not breathe chemicals of any kind into your lungs – regardless of COVID-19 – which means working toward being vape-free and smoke-free.
  • But, if you’ve used e-cigarettes to quit smoking, the most important thing is to not relapse back to cigarettes.

Are you experiencing symptoms and feeling unsure what to do next?

Click here to use a self-assessment tool from our partners at Mayo Clinic to help you determine possible next steps.

Are you looking for additional support?

Here are some specific tips to quit and stay quit in today’s stressful and uncertain times.

Our EX Community is here to help you feel more connected in these times of social distancing. We’ve got a group specifically dedicated to discussing COVID-19. We have tagged content to help you access the information you’re looking for quickly. Support is always important for quitting, but perhaps more so now than ever before -- check out the EX Community for free, 24/7 support proven to help our members quit and stay quit.