Quit Smoking

If you’ve been following the EX Plan, you should be ready for your quit date. You’ve re-learned habits, so you can separate things like your morning coffee from the urge to smoke. And you’ve re-learned addiction and understand the effect that nicotine has on your brain. And finally you’ve re-learned support, so you know how to get the right kind of support to help you out.
Okay, so once those three boxes are checked, we can move on to the next two steps and make sure you’re fully prepared for quitting.

First we’ll talk about what to do right before you quit smoking. Things like making sure you have your medication ready and some healthy snacks on hand, stuff like that.

We end by talking about the big day, the day you quit smoking. There are lots of smart things you can do to prepare for this day that’ll make it go a lot easier.

Start Now By Setting Your Quit Date

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