BecomeAnEX FAQ

Below are some of the most common questions that we have received from EX members over the years about quitting smoking and using this website. Click on the question to see the full answer.

Quitting Questions and Symptoms

I've been quit for several months now, why am I still having such cravings?
What are the quickest ways to distract yourself from a craving?
Why do I become more impatient/down/depressed or experience other emotional symptoms when I go tobacco-free and how long will I feel this way?
What are common symptoms of withdrawal and how long do they last?
I've been smoking over 40 years, is it too late for me to quit?
When do withdrawal symptoms get better?
Why is it so hard to quit?

Health Effects

Wouldn't using tobacco be better than becoming overweight?
How much weight do people typically gain when they stop using tobacco?
How can I quit without gaining weight?
Why do people gain weight when they quit smoking?
Is it okay to use nicotine medication while nursing?
I've heard the stress of stopping tobacco can be more harmful to my baby than continuing to use. Is this true?
I exercise and eat right. Is tobacco all that bad for me?
How do I know I don't have a tobacco-related illness?
Is it safer to smoke natural tobacco over store-bought cigarettes?
Why do doctors want patients to stop smoking before surgery?
What are the risks of smoking if I cut down to a couple of cigarettes per day? It's better than smoking a pack/day, right?
I've heard that stopping smoking can actually increase your chances of getting cancer or cardiovascular disease, is this true?

Effective Quitting Methods

Why does Chantix give me bad dreams and what can I do about it?
Acupuncture? Hypnosis?
How long does it take for Chantix to work?
What can I do about my patches itching?
How many NRTs are safe to use together?
Is it okay to use NRT if I have heart disease?
What do I do when using medications to quit and I slip and have a cigarette?
Won't NRT just keep me addicted to nicotine?
Should I use an NRT or go cold turkey?
I only took a couple of puffs. Do I need to reset my quit clock?

Quitting Smoking and Second Hand Smoke (SHS)

How bad is SHS to non-smokers health?
What is SHS?

Quitting Tobacco and Providing Support

How do I set my quit date?
I'm a non-smoker, how can I help my friend/family quit?

Quitting Smoking and E-Cigarettes

Are e-cigarettes a good alternative to smoking?
Aren't e-cigarettes similar to the nicotine inhaler?
Do newer e-cigarettes help people stop smoking?
How do I quit e-cigarettes?

Quitting Tobacco and Mental/Emotional Health

Do quit smoking treatments work for people with mental health conditions?
Is it true that quitting tobacco can make a mental health condition worse?
I have been diagnosed with a mental health condition. Is it possible for me to quit tobacco?
I have heard that people with anxiety, depression, or other mental health conditions don't want to stop using tobacco. Is that true?

Quitting Smoking and Snuff, Chewing Tobacco, or Snus

Is it safe to switch from smoking to chewing tobacco?
Can I quit smoking cigarettes by switching to snuff, chewing tobacco, or snus?
How do I quit snuff, chewing tobacco, or snus?
How harmful is snuff, chewing tobacco, or snus?

Using BecomeAnEX

How do I log out from my mobile phone?
How do I stop email notifications?
I am from a country outside the US, may I join the Community?
How do I re-subscribe to text messages?
I want to take a break from the site. Can my account be disabled?
I have a suggestion to improve the EX community. How would I go about submitting it?