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Not sure what day to choose? Check below for advice on what day could work best for you.

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Here's Advice from EX-smokers on What Day Worked Best for Them

  • Don't pick tomorrow as your quit date.

    You need time to re-learn life without cigarettes and prepare yourself (EX will help you do it). So make it easier by giving yourself enough time to get ready.

  • Don't set your date too far off in the future.

    That may give you too much time to start second-guessing your decision, and you may end up changing your mind. We recommend a day that's about 2-4 weeks away.

  • Pick a day that doesn't have built-in problems.

    Some people pick a special day like a birthday or anniversary. That’s great, but keep in mind that for some people celebrations can be a smoking trigger. And quitting on a vacation may sound low-stress, but it can make things that much harder when you get back to the real world. In general, we recommend quitting during a time that resembles your regular life.

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