Tobacco Triggers & Coping Skills

Habits are hard to break. We all have our routines—things we do in the morning getting ready for the day, things we do at work, things we do on the weekend with friends or in the evening with family.

You have tobacco habits, too—and to quit, you'll need to establish new routines and habits.

Habits take time to change and the process is a little different for everyone. That's why we focus on your unique needs. We work with you to break down your habits into smaller pieces so that you can change them little by little, until you're ready to make a more permanent change and quit for good.

Identify Your Triggers

There are a lot of things that contribute to wanting a nicotine fix. By identifying these smoking triggers in your life, we can begin to create a tobacco-free plan for dealing with them. Here are some common triggers:

Finishing a meal
Morning routines
Work or Looking for a job
Celebrating with friends
Feeling down

Some triggers are common, but the ones that trigger you are the most important. Our tools on EX will get you in position to live your life tobacco-free, no matter what your unique triggers are.

Identify Your Triggers

Develop Coping Skills

Establishing tobacco-free habits means finding ways to break the connections between smoking and your everyday triggers.

What will you start doing when you stop using tobacco?

These types of changes are hard at first, but as you learn to separate triggers from tobacco, you'll break the connection.

Instead of picking up a cigarette when you drive, maybe you'll crank up the radio and become a commuting rock god. Rather than turn to tobacco after work, maybe you'll find you have the pep to take a walk, or get back into gardening or sports.

Whether you're starting a new interest or picking up an old hobby again, your whole life will feel fresher without tobacco in it.

Each tobacco trigger that you break is a major accomplishment worth celebrating. By doing this, you let yourself enjoy other things in life you care about. You become the person you want to be and do the things you want to do. We can't wait for that.

Build your coping skills

"I want to be in control of one thing in my life.....something that gives me a good feeling about myself"


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