Stay Quit

When you first started your quit journey, the focus was your quit day. Now, you have a new challenge: staying tobacco-free. We're ready for it.

Withdrawal symptoms may still be there. Cravings may still come. New stresses, weight gain, or family issues can arise.

It's normal to have difficulty living smoke-free, even if you've been quit for a while. EX is a lifelong experience, with tools and resources at each step of the way.

Here, you'll learn how to overcome your unique cravings—no matter when they pop up. You'll get advice from expert clinicians and a supportive EX Community. You'll celebrate each hard-earned milestone, and pass on what you've learned to others who are just starting out.

Quitting is a journey and we're with you all the way.

Help Me Stay Quit

"I have to give all the credit for staying quit to this community. After close to 900 days, I'm still here nearly every day. Nothing ruins your smoking like BecomeAnEX!"


Keep the Momentum

Lots of people pick up a cigarette when they're trying to quit. We know it happens—and it's a great opportunity to learn your unique warning bells and prevent a relapse from happening again.

Things in your life can make staying quit especially hard.

High-risk relapse situations may include:

Bars and alcohol
Being around friends who smoke
Places where you used to smoke
Feeling hungry, angry, lonely, or tired

Everyone has different signals before a lapse and they can be easy to miss. We'll help you recognize them and prepare to deal with them.

Smoking Relapse Warning Signs

"I've gone three weeks without smoking. I've proved I can quit, so I can have just one."
"I can't do my job without smoking. I can't think straight."
"I just need it when I'm here. When I get home, I won't keep smoking."

We can tell you're committed to keeping your quit. Now is the perfect time to create an EX Plan, with the right tools, techniques and support to stay tobacco-free.

Get Started

Keep Feeling Supported

Everyone's quit journey is different, but ex-smokers can learn a lot from each other, including preparing for difficult situations and dealing with bad cravings.

The EX Community is a resource for you to stay quit—full of people who get what you're going through because they're on their own quit journey.

You'll find quit techniques and tips, and you'll build confidence by sharing and learning with others.

"From the very first day [in the community] I was greeted with an entirely new perspective! BecomeanEXers are FUN! They laugh, play, cry, gripe, feel in ways I'd forgotten how! That was my light bulb moment when I knew that I just had to have what they have!"

Ask questions and get answers
Find support when you need it, 24/7
Increase your odds of success—even if you just read what others are saying

No one knows what you're going through like people who have gone through it themselves. The EX Community is your community.

Ask or browse in the EX Community

Keep Celebrating

No matter how hard it is to stay quit, every accomplishment is worth celebrating and sharing.

The important people in your life—friends, family, coworkers—may not totally get why quitting is hard and what big deal it is to stay quit. So, tell them! Or, if it feels too early to share your experience that way, visit the EX Community. They definitely get it.

Celebrate with our EX Community:

  • Hop aboard the Freedom Train to celebrate a major milestone, whether that's a day, a month, or a year tobacco-free.
  • Take the Daily Pledge as a daily affirmation of your quit, and support other EX members in their daily pledge.
  • "Burn" the cigarettes you haven't smoked in our quarterly Bonfire, and celebrate freedom from tobacco.

Don't forget to celebrate your wins. They matter!

Be Who You Want to Be

Quitting is really hard, but you're doing it! We want to help you stay quit and be the person you want to be.

Every day tobacco-free is proof that you can make positive changes in your life, and help others make positive changes in theirs.

We can't wait to see who you become.

Join us in BecomeAnEX