Concerned about COVID-19 or Coronavirus? Read about COVID-19 and Smoking or Vaping and these Tips to Quit Smoking or Vaping During COVID-19.

Tips to Quit Smoking or Vaping During COVID-19 / Coronavirus

  • If you are looking for quitting support, you might consider browsing some of the posts on our EX Community, an online support group of people going through their own quitting journeys. Click here to read posts from our members about COVID-19 and Coronavirus.

  • If you are feeling stressed but aren’t sure how to cope without smoking or vaping, here are a few ideas for healthy stress relief:

    1. Write down positive statements in a journal.
    2. Watch an inspiring video online (try searching for ones involving outer space exploration, natural wonders, or museum tours around the globe!).
    3. Take a quick walk outside your home or step outside your front door for some fresh air.
    4. Try a quick breathing exercise by inhaling while counting to 10, holding your breath while counting to 5, and exhaling while counting to ten.
    5. As you’re able, incorporate some physical movement into your day. Maybe it’s 10 minutes of gentle stretching in the morning, push-ups before lunch, or Tai Chi in the evening.
  • If you miss working out at your local gym and want to avoid gaining weight while quitting, consider searching online for free fitness classes you can do at home. Many yoga studios, gyms, and personal trainers are offering free or pay-what-you-can virtual classes/sessions. Search online for what’s available from local studios, or browse YouTube for nationally-available sessions.

  • If you are concerned about your financial situation, consider focusing on a few small steps:

    1. Take the money you normally would spend on non-essential items and move it to a savings account.
    2. Contact your bank for advice on free financial guidance.
    3. Seek out what financial services or unemployment benefits may be available in your state.
    4. Explore loan forgiveness, deferral or repayment options with any lenders that may ease financial pressures during this time.
    5. Post about what’s worrying you in the EX Community -- our members may have other ideas to help you get through this or can even just be a steady shoulder to lean on during a difficult time.

    Taking control in small ways can make a big difference in how you feel about the future.

  • If you are missing social interactions with family, friends or co-workers, try having a video chat. Make it memorable by adding a theme!

    1. Throw a virtual party for someone who is celebrating a birthday -- sing and enjoy a slice of cake or other treat together.
    2. Pick a simple recipe to make together and have a virtual dinner party.
    3. Enjoy a Trivia Night--take turns asking the questions.
    4. Visit the EX Community -- our members talk about lots of things besides quitting, and are always up for a joke, a laugh, a virtual game, or a discussion.
    5. Explore other communities of your interests -- whether it’s fishing, crafting, cooking, reading, hiking, pickling, you name it… there’s probably an online community for it!

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Remember, we’re in this together and you can visit anytime you need to get support!