What are the best tools for quitting cigarettes?

What tools are other smokers using to quit cigarettes?

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  • Want some inspiration? Check out these triple-digit milestones:
    • This group is for people who have reached the 100 day quit mark. Welcome to 6% club!
  • Is cutting down on smoking a good strategy for you? Read other people’s experiences:
    • Cigonzalez: Q: Has anyone quit smoking by cutting down on the amount of cigarettes?
    • Sweetplt: A: the last year before I quit I basically only let myself smoke when I drank, but then I found myself drinking more...so I decided I would just keep cutting down weekly until I was smoking not even everyday
  • Mindfulness has worked for some people
    • Karenjones: Mindfulness saved my life.
    • NDC.Treatment.Team: Mindfulness and Craving. While I can’t vouch for the many claimed good effects of mindfulness, it does seem to help to reduce both the intensity and frequency of tobacco cravings.  So what is it, and why would it work?

What should I do next to figure out what tools are right for me?