Pregnant Smokers

No matter how far along you are, it’s never too late to quit smoking.

Quitting smoking before you get pregnant or as soon as you find out you are is best, but quitting at any time has benefits for you and your baby. EX can help you quit smoking before or during your pregnancy. Once you stop smoking, all kinds of good things happen for your baby:

  • Quitting increases the amount of oxygen your baby will get. You’ll be helping your baby develop and grow properly.
  • Quitting increases the chances your baby’s lungs will work well.
  • Quitting lowers the risk that your baby will be born prematurely or too early.
  • Quitting decreases your chances of having a low birth weight baby.
  • Quitting lowers the risk of having a miscarriage or stillbirth.
  • And it increases the chances that your baby will come home from the hospital with you.

Using the EX Plan to quit smoking for your pregnancy also does good things for you.

  • You’ll have more energy.
  • Quitting will save you lots of money that you can spend on other things.
  • Quitting will make your clothes, hair and home smell better.
  • Your food will taste better.
  • And perhaps more than anything, you’ll feel great knowing what an important thing you’ve done for yourself and your baby.

If you’re worried about weight gain, remember, putting on some pounds during pregnancy is normal. Which makes now an ideal time to quit. The weight you gain is far less harmful than the risk to you and your baby from smoking.

And quitting smoking is just as important AFTER your baby is born. If you stay quit, your newborn will be at lower risk for chest colds, coughs, ear infections and asthma problems caused by exposure to secondhand smoke. You’ll also lower your baby’s risk for sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).

Why not register today and start quitting soon? Remember, the EX Plan can help improve the health of two people — you AND your baby.

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