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Beat Your Smoking Triggers

What Does It Mean to Separate from Your Triggers?

Reminder: all that means is putting a little time between the smoking trigger and the cigarette.


Now that you’ve got some ideas on how to separate your smoking triggers from cigarettes, it’s time to actually practice doing it before you quit for good.

For each trigger, write down how you think you can separate from it. Remember, you don’t have to give up the cigarette that goes with it entirely. Just don’t automatically smoke it the second the trigger hits. Wait a few minutes and then light up. The next time, wait a few more minutes and so on.

It might seem hard at first, because the two have gone together for so long. But the more separation you can put between your triggers and your cigarettes, the more you'll be breaking the "glue" that holds them together. And if you can re-learn one of your triggers without cigarettes, then you can re-learn anything without cigarettes.


What can you do to separate from this smoking trigger?

  • Select Other in the drop-down to add your own trigger.

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Thinking about using e-cigarettes to help you separate from your smoking triggers? Studies provide limited evidence that e-cigarettes that contain nicotine can help people to stop smoking. However, if you want to use e-cigarettes to quit smoking, it is important to stop using combustible tobacco products (cigarettes, pipes, cigars) in any form. For more information on e-cigarettes, click here.

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