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Three Steps, One Goal: Quit Smoking

The EX Plan combines expertise from the Mayo Clinic with practical advice from ex-smokers. You won't just quit smoking. You'll "re-learn life without cigarettes."

It doesn’t matter if it's your first try or your tenth, EX can help you quit and stay quit. Research shows that the more times people come to the EX site, the more likely they are to quit smoking. The three steps in the EX Quit Plan can help you:

Re-Learn Habit

You know how certain things make you want to smoke, like stress at work, drinking a cup of coffee or even just watching the game with friends? EX shows you how to handle these triggers without lighting up.

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Re-Learn Addiction

Nicotine changes the chemistry in your brain, so it’s harder to quit. If you’ve struggled with quitting, it’s not you – it’s the addictive nature of cigarettes. EX shows you how to fight back and double your chances for success.

Learn how addiction works >>

Re-Learn Support

Support from friends and family can increase your chances of quitting, but lots of smokers try to go it alone. EX shows you how to get the support you need, and connects you with a community  of ex-smokers who can help you along the way.

Build your support system >>

Why Are You Quitting?

There are many good reasons to quit. Keeping them in mind during your quit will keep you focused and help you succeed. Get started with your personalized plan by clicking on your biggest reason for quitting smoking below.

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