About EX

EX (becomeanex.org) is run by Truth Initiative®. Truth Initiative is the largest non-profit public health organization dedicated to helping people quit tobacco.

Since 2008, EX has collaborated with the Mayo Clinic Nicotine Dependence Center. Together, we bring you the best evidence-based quitting approaches and the most established online quit community.

It is free to use and has helped over 900,000 tobacco users. Our research shows that EX works. People who follow the EX quit plan are four times more likely to quit.

In 2017, Truth Initiative and Mayo Clinic built on the success of EX to create a new program for companies and health plans, called the EX Program. EX Program users have access to all the resources on EX. In addition, they have access to premium features, like live chat digital coaching with tobacco treatment experts and nicotine replacement medication shipped right to their home. To learn more about the EX Program for employers and health plans, visit theexprogram.com.