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Last updated: 10/12/2022

EX® is a digital program run by Truth Initiative Foundation doing business as Truth Initiative (“Truth Initiative”). EX® helps people in the U.S. to quit tobacco. By using EX® and/or posting content on the EX® website, in the EX® mobile app, in the EX® Community, or by text message or EX® live chat, you agree to these Terms of Use, which may be changed or updated from time to time. Your continued use of EX® will signify your agreement to any such updated Terms of Use. These Terms of Use are governed by U.S. laws and those of the District of Columbia, where Truth Initiative is located.

Medical Disclaimer

The information on EX® is not medical advice, and it should not be used to make a medical diagnosis or as medical treatment. Do not rely on EX® as a substitute for talking to your doctor or healthcare provider for medical advice. EX® is provided as a self-help program to quit tobacco. Contact your doctor or healthcare provider if you have concerns about your physical or mental health or about whether EX® is working for you.

Intellectual Property

The content on EX® is owned by or licensed to Truth Initiative and/or Mayo Clinic. It may not be used or copied without written permission from Truth Initiative and Mayo Clinic. By posting on EX® or the EX® Community, or submitting content via text message, live chat, or mobile app, you allow Truth Initiative and Mayo Clinic to use your content forever, at no charge. BecomeAnEX®, EX®, and the EX® logo are registered service marks of Truth Initiative. They may not be used without written permission from Truth Initiative.

User-Provided Content and the EX Community

You, not Truth Initiative, are responsible for all content you post on BecomeAnEX.org, via the EX® mobile app, by text message or live chat, or in the EX® Community. Truth Initiative does not review user content on a regular basis, but it has the right to remove any content posted on BecomeAnEX.org or in the EX® Community. By using the EX® Community (https://excommunity.becomeanex.org) you agree to follow its Community Guidelines. These Guidelines describe respectful behavior. In addition, you agree that:

  • Any messages you post can be read by anyone as long as the EX® Community exists. Please post carefully.
  • Any messages you post become the property of EX®.
  • You are not allowed to post ads to sell things on EX®. Using EX® for financial gain is not allowed.
  • Do not upload or link to any copyrighted content unless you have permission from the copyright owner.

Third-Party Platforms

Users with access to enhanced features on EX® through a Sponsor (such as an employer or health plan) can chat with an EX® Coach on the EX® website or mobile app and schedule a future chat. Chat and scheduling are hosted by TeamSupport and YellowSchedule, third-party service providers that have their own terms of service.

Release of Liability

By using EX®, you agree that Truth Initiative and its officers, directors, employees, and agents are not legally responsible for any danger, injury, or damage related to your use of, or inability to use, EX®.


Truth Initiative can change or discontinue any part of EX® at any time. Truth Initiative can also restrict access to all or parts of EX® at any time.