Concerned about COVID-19 or Coronavirus? Read about COVID-19 and Smoking or Vaping and these Tips to Quit Smoking or Vaping During COVID-19.

Choosing the Right Medication

Quitting medications can make quitting much more comfortable, and increase your chance of success.

You’d bring an oxygen tank with you on your mountain climb so that it’s easier to breathe when the air gets thin. Or put a bandage over a blister that’s irritating your foot. Quitting medications make this climb a bit more manageable so you can actually enjoy the view along the way and get to the top.

Your brain is used to receiving a certain amount of nicotine every time you smoke, vape, dip or chew — and it will get angry and annoyed when it doesn't get it. Medication will help take the edge off and make it more likely you'll stick with quitting.


Considering quitting without medication? Learn about alternative therapies and how they might fit into your EX Plan.