Track Your Tobacco and Identify Your Triggers

Triggers are the things that make you want to use tobacco, like having a cup of coffee, driving or dealing with stress. Tracking your tobacco use gives you an idea of when and why you smoke, dip, or use other tobacco.

Why does this matter? By understanding the times of day or the things that trigger your cravings, your EX Plan can help you choose a tobacco-free way to deal with each of them.

Common Triggers

Here are some of the most common things that make people want to use tobacco. Coffee? Driving? Stress? Yep, they're all here. Take a look and see which ones sound familiar. If one of your triggers isn't included here, be sure to enter it in below.

Track Your Tobacco Use

Start by just thinking about when you last used tobacco. Note what triggered you to pick up tobacco and how strong the urge was. It's okay if you can't remember every single time right now. Come back tomorrow, and fill in some more.

The more you use the tobacco tracker tool, the more you'll learn and be prepared for your quit day and beyond.

Your tobacco-free future starts when you take back control of the times tobacco has been standing in your way. Let's get there, together.

Once you've tracked your cigarettes, check out your stats. The more cigarettes you track, the more you'll learn to help you prepare for your quit day.

Use the Cigarette Tracker below to list out every cigarette you smoke in a day. Note what triggered you to smoke and how strong the urge was. If you can't remember all of your cigarettes right now, use a piece of paper to keep track of the cigarettes you smoke tomorrow. Then enter them into the tracker.

Current stats

Most Likely Day to Smoke:
Most Likely Time to Smoke:
My Top Triggers No. of Cigs Common Urge Level How I Plan to Separate
Separate from it
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Next, separate yourself from your tobacco triggers and learn new habits.

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