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You’re in the right place – EX can help you on your quit journey!

EX is a personalized and convenient digital program built in collaboration with Mayo Clinic. It helps people just like you quit smoking, vaping, dipping, or chewing tobacco. EX is available to you at no cost from a sponsoring organization, such as your employer or health plan.

How EX Works

EX Members Get Access To:

A customized plan tailored to you, the kind of tobacco you want to quit, and where you are in your journey to quit.
Thriving online community of current and former tobacco users, plus Mayo Clinic experts to lean on for advice.
Live chat coaching with expert tobacco treatment specialists to help you with every step of the way.
Text messages for on-demand support with stress, relapse, medication tips, and more.
Videos, exercises, and self-guided tools on your phone, tablet, or desktop when and where you need them.
FREE nicotine patches, gum, or lozenges delivered right to your home to curb cravings.

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Why EX Works

Quitting with EX is Different.

Quitting tobacco is HARD. We get it. Whether it’s your first quit attempt or your 100th, EX is with you—wherever you are in your quit journey. EX is fueled by three different experts:

  • Mayo Clinic expertise—Mayo Clinic knowledge and expertise have guided nearly a million people toward a tobacco-free life.
  • EX Community support—Other tobacco users and ex-smokers on their own quit journey share their lessons learned.
  • Your own experience—You control your quit plan and decide what works for you.

Who EX Works For

For Everyone

No matter what kind of tobacco product you're quitting, EX can help you quit and stay quit. EX gives you the support, tools, and resources to live tobacco-free. EX has helped nearly 1 million members develop the skills and confidence to quit.

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2 years. So proud of myself and the others here.

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We're in this together!

It lifts my spirit knowing that none of us are alone in this.

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Change your life for the better with EX whether you smoke, vape, dip, or chew. Not there yet? Don’t worry. We’ll give you the skills and confidence you need when you’re ready.