Quitting Zyn and Other Nicotine Pouches

How can I quit Zyn?

You can quit Zyn with similar strategies to quitting other nicotine products.

Here are 4 starting tips:

  1. Switch to lower dose nicotine replacement therapy
    Switch to lower dose nicotine replacement therapy (NRT), like nicotine lozenges, about a week before your quit date. If you are already at the lowest dose of Zyn pouches (3 mg per pouch), you can switch to a lower dose nicotine lozenge (2 mg) or cut each nicotine lozenge in half. Using NRT and lowering your dose of nicotine can help you get through withdrawal and improve your chances of quitting.
  2. Practice "mini quits"
    Practice "mini quits" by not using one pouch that you would usually use. It will give you experience dealing with cravings. And your confidence will grow. We've got tons of tips and strategies in our EX Community.
  3. Extend the amount of time between pouches
    In addition to lowering the dose of nicotine, try waiting longer between pouches. Even five extra minutes can help build skills to deal with cravings, and the confidence that you can quit.
  4. Learn how to let a craving pass
    Cravings can be intense, but they are just thoughts that come into your mind. You don't have to deny their existence. You can learn how to let them come in, acknowledge them, and let them go without using nicotine.

How is Zyn different from nicotine replacement therapy, like nicotine lozenges?

Zyn is not the same as nicotine replacement therapy, like nicotine lozenges. NRT are medications that are Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved and regulated. NRT can help you quit nicotine products for good. Decades of research have found that NRT is effective and safe to use long-term.

Some people have thought about using Zyn to quit smoking, vaping, or dipping/chewing. Nicotine pouches like Zyn are NOT approved by the FDA as quitting medications, as of February 2023. And because they have such high levels of nicotine, many people end up feeling just as addicted to Zyn as they would to other tobacco products.

You've come to the right place to gain skills and resources to make your quit journey easier. With EX, you'll get support when and how you want it, all within your customized EX Plan.

Become your own quit expert by knowing exactly what works for you. We can't wait for you to get there.