Right Before You Quit

As you leave for a trip, you pack your bags, make sure you have your tickets, and turn off the lights before you leave. Before you start your quitting journey, you’ll want to prepare so things will go smoothly and you can focus on your progress.

Things to do right before you quit

  • Remove Temptations

    Check all around for any cigarettes, lighters, and ashtrays. Throw them away! You don’t need these reminders in your space.

  • Refresh Your Home

    You’re starting fresh by quitting, so make your physical space match. Clean your home for a full reset. Wherever you kept your cigarettes, swap them out for gum or toothpicks. Light a nice-smelling candle or open up the windows to let fresh air in.

  • Clean Your Car

    If you have a car, be sure to clean it. Toss the easy-to-spot stuff like ashtrays and lighters. Clean the interior of your car for a fresh start. And while you're in the car, put some chewing gum in an easy to reach place. Are you using nicotine replacement therapy like nicotine lozenges or nicotine gum? Put some in your car in case a craving hits while you’re on the go.

  • Visit the Dentist

    You might also want to visit your dentist. Smoking has slowly made your teeth a lot yellower. A good cleaning can give an immediate boost to your self-esteem. And it’s another reason to stay quit.

  • Practice in Front of a Mirror

    People might still offer you a cigarette after you quit. Practice what you're going to say when this happens. Get comfortable asserting your boundaries. Being prepared for awkward conversations ahead of time makes the real thing easier.

  • Join the EX Community

    Check out the EX Community. It’s full of other people who are quitting cigarettes and other tobacco products. You can write a post or comment, or just read what others are saying. It’s a great place to turn to for advice and support and using the EX Community is proven to help you stay quit.

Gather supplies for your quit date.

  • Have your nicotine replacements or other quitting medications ready. And remember, some of the non-nicotine medications require you to start taking them up to two weeks before your quit date.
  • Keep a refillable water bottle around. Try one with a straw! It makes getting a cleansing drink easier. It'll also help keep your stomach full. An empty stomach can sometimes set off cravings. Carry your water bottle for at least the first week after you quit.
  • Buy things you can chew on: Carrot sticks, celery, toothpicks, candy, gum. Keep it all as handy as you did your cigarettes. Having something in your mouth can make a huge difference!
  • Get something to keep your hands busy. You could get a fidget toy or a squishy ball. Maybe you’d like to try something creative, like drawing or knitting. Or you could try jigsaw puzzles, a game on your phone, or a book of crosswords.
  • Make a list of your “Reasons I Want To Quit.” Post copies of it around your house, car and workplace, or keep it as an easy-to-access note on your phone.
  • Get something nice for your newly-cleaned home to keep it fresh. A scented candle, a green plant, or something else to mark the beginning of your quit.

Remember, the more things you do to prepare, the better off you'll be on quit day and beyond.