Write a Goodbye Letter

Take a few moments to think about your history with smoking. Imagine your future free from it.

Like a dear friend, cigarettes may have become a source of comfort for you over the years. In the beginning, there were probably many good experiences. But as time went on, the bad experiences piled up. It became clear that this relationship was an unhealthy, lop-sided affair. It’s ok -- and perfectly normal -- to feel a sense of loss. Or for this to be an emotional, tough experience.

Many members of the EX Community have written theirs already. Take a few minutes to write your own goodbye letter to smoking. Then share it with the EX Community if you'd like.

From the EX Community

Goodbye early-smobriety

You are in my heart forever. My blubbering, sniveling, blaming, fogged up mind got it right after all. Shocking, because my smoking self was convinced she'd win. But early-smobriety, you kept me safe and allowed me to keep to myself and shun everyone...

Goodbye Letter

After I took a puff of you 12 years ago, just one puff, and you talked me into allowing you to stay. You are manipulative and conceited. I’m sick and tired of you running my life!