The First Day You Quit

Have you ever fallen asleep on a car ride and woken up somewhere unfamilar you’ve never been before? It can feel strange. Your quit day can feel a lot like this. Luckily, you have maps to find your way around, people to ask for directions, and tools to help you feel at ease.

Congratulations on arriving at your quit day!

Welcome to your first 24 hours cigarette-free. Today will bring new challenges, and you have the tools to face them head on.

Follow your EX Plan today

You’ve been preparing for this day for a while. Now is the time to put your plan into action.

  • Re-visit your vision statement and why you’re quitting. Get motivated!
  • Review how you plan to beat your triggers. Follow through with your plan.
  • Plan to lean on your support system today. Get help from people you trust, and avoid people who could put your quit in danger.

Is medication is part of your EX Plan? If so, put on your patch, get your gum or lozenges handy, or take your Chantix or Zyban. Whatever medication you’re using, take it as directed.

Once you get some cigarette-free time under your belt, you'll build up more confidence. Take it one day at a time.

Tips For Your First Day

  • Cope with stress today

    Smoking was your old way of dealing with stress. Today, you will deal with stress in another way. Practice deep breathing or a mindfulness exercise. Or try taking a walk or exercising to relieve stress.

  • Keep your hands and mouth busy today

    Keep your mouth occupied with gum, hard candy, or toothpicks today. Carry a water bottle with you to sip on throughout the day. Keep your hands busy by working on a project, doing the dishes, or putting on lotion or nail polish. These are strategies that make it physically hard to smoke.

  • Lean on your support team

    Talk to a supportive person today. Or, write in the EX Community to talk to members who get what you’re going through today. They’ve been there, too.

Advice For Your First Day Quit From the EX Community

Day 1 Looking For Advice

Tell yourself it will be difficult. Don't try to fool yourself by thinking there is actually an easy way through this....there is not. HOWEVER----do NOT tell your self it is impossible. It's NOT! We all did it and we are no different from you.

Quit Day

Good morning! I had my last cigarette yesterday at 430 pm. This morning was a little rough, but I was able to get through it through distraction by writing in my journal, and NRT gum.