What Are the Best Tools For Quitting?

Having good tools makes it easier to quit. Find out what tools other people are using and decide which tools are right for you.

People stop smoking in different ways. Much like going on a hike, you may pack different supplies in your pack or have different skills you’ve gained from past hikes.

Having good tools makes it easier to quit. Tools for quitting can be ones that help you think about quitting differently (what you think or tell yourself), or ones that help you act differently (what you do in response to certain thoughts).

Plans can include thinking ahead about how to manage specific triggers, figuring out how to remember WHY you’re quitting when those triggers come up, and learning how to relax through mindfulness and stress management.

Other tools might include setting a quit date or coming up with a schedule to cut down on your smoking, using exercise or physical activity, changing WHERE you smoke, getting rid of your cigarettes, creating a list of distractions and substitutions, getting support for your quit from other people, and learning to reward yourself each step along the way. The specifics of any plan should be right for you.

Think of the tools as your gear for setting out on a hike—they won't get you there on their own, but it sure helps to have a stocked backpack before you set out.

What tools are other smokers using to quit cigarettes?

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What should I do next to figure out what tools are right for me?