Frequently Asked Questions About Using Medication to Help Quit

You might know that there are medications to make your quit easier. But did you know that you can use quitting medications before and even months after your quit date? Decades of research have shown that medication can double your chances of staying quit.

Usually, people can start medication two weeks before their quit date. You can (and should) also use medication for some time after you quit. People often worry about ‘getting off’ quitting medications quickly. But, it can take months for nicotine addiction to fully resolve. Cravings or urges can happen for quite some time.

Taking quitting medications as prescribed and for the full course of treatment is the best choice. Medication allows you time to create new habits and adjust to a tobacco-free life. It can also make nicotine withdrawal symptoms less intense.

Discuss medication options with your healthcare provider before starting.

Frequently Asked Questions About Taking Medication To Help Quit

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