Health Issues & Benefits of Quitting

You already know tobacco is bad for your health. Lung cancer, heart disease, and COPD are the health conditions most smokers know about. But did you know that tobacco use is linked to diabetes, mental health, and recovery after surgery?

And, it's not just smoking that affects your health.

Quitting tobacco, too, can affect health conditions you already have and medications you may be taking.

Understanding how using tobacco—and quitting tobacco—can affect all aspects of your health can help you make smart decisions about your quitting approach.

Learn to feel great and live longer. You might find one more good reason to quit and stay motivated.

No matter how healthy you are today, quitting tobacco brings lots of benefits. Read more about them:

Have a pre-existing health issue? Read more about how continued tobacco use affects your health, and how your quitting approach may vary if you have one of these health conditions: