The First Day You Quit

Okay, the alarm goes off. It's your first morning tobacco-free...

You've prepared for this. You know when your triggers will be popping up. And you know how to beat triggers when they do. So, don't linger in bed.

Get up! Do things! Attack the day!

Just focus on getting through this ONE day without tobacco. Here are some things for you to do on the day you quit:

As the day goes on, remember your tobacco triggers and be ready for them.

Remember all the things we've talked about to resist your craving:

You may be surprised at how fast the day flies by, and you'll start to see that quitting really IS possible. You've done what you set out to do. You're getting through one day without tobacco.

Days two and three of quitting will throw some curveballs at you, so maybe it's time to arm yourself with even more tactics. In the slip-ups section we spell out some of the common things that cause people to turn to tobacco again (a.k.a. slip-up or relapse), including triggers and "slippery places."

We also encourage you to swing by the EX Community to learn more about what this first week will be like, how to deal with common stressors, or just talk with others about your experiences.

Next, check out these quitting tips and techniques.