Setting Your Quit Date is the first step to re-learning life without cigarettes and becoming an EX. The good news is that it's incredibly easy to do, so let's pick the big day right now.

Talking to Family & Friends Who Use Tobacco

Who will support you when you quit? Go to the Build Your Support System Tool and identify your support system now.

Your support network starts right here in the EX Community. Our Community members have been in your shoes, and have great advice about how to handle conversations with your friends, family, and coworkers who smoke and the ones who don't. They've been through it and can tell you what works, and what to do if those conversations don't go as well as you hoped. Come check out the Community!

The EX Community is also useful if you're living with a smoker and quitting smoking. It gives you a way to stay strong when you are at home. Treat it like your friend, your lifeline. The tried and true advice of others who have been there will help you when times get hard during your quit attempt. People are posting 24/7 — why not check it out?

But what about the "real world?" You'll probably find that most of your family, friends or coworkers who use tobacco will be very supportive of your decision to stop. So ask them not to use tobacco around you for a few weeks. They'll understand.

Some of these people might, however, not be as helpful — they may use tobacco right in front of you or make you feel bad about quitting. But those people are a part of your life, too, even if tobacco isn't. Part of going tobacco-free is learning how to deal with some of these difficult situations with important people in your life. Here are some examples of how you might handle unsupportive people:

Your friend says:
Tell them:

Your friend says: "Come on, you know you're not gonna quit."

Tell them: "You know what? Today I've made up my mind to try. You can help by not using tobacco around me and not offering me any. Let's just see if I can pull this off."

Your friend says: "We're going to the bar tonight. Why aren't you coming?"

Tell them: "Give me some time to get steady on quitting. Once I get past the the rocky part, I'll be there."

Your friend says: Your friend says: "Why are you doing this?"

Tell them: Blame your doctor. Seriously. He or she won't mind being the bad guy: "I've got lots of reasons, but the biggest is that my doctor says I really HAVE to quit. No ifs, ands, or butts."

Some people might continue to give you a hard time or smoke cigarettes in front of you. Avoid them for a while, if you can. If that's not possible, get additional support. Here are some options:

Next, check out these quitting tips and techniques.

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