Get Inspired: Real Words from Quitters on EX

We get it! You are not ready to start thinking about quitting. EX works for people like you and is always available if you'd like to hear more stories from people like you.

  • Jones6970 writes:

    this website has been an amazing tool for me, so if you have any doubt about quitting, just read read read. It helped me so much this time to understand what nicotine does to the brain and what you're actually changing when you quit.”

  • JACKIE1-25-15 writes:
    “Words have power. What you are telling yourself is very important in life as in quitting smoking. Anyone who knows me understands that I hardly ever use the word struggle. I prefer to replace it with the word challenge. Which sets your mind up to be willing to meet the challenge.”

  • Angelpar writes:

    “As I approach 2 years smokefree, I realize I had an excuse for every cigarette… sad, upset, anxious, stressed out, angry, it helps me relax…

    I ask everyone to look at their excuses. If you look hard enough most excuses have emotion behind them. Emotions are not meant to be excuses for habit or bad behavior. Emotions are part of being human. They are to be expressed and dealt with appropriately.

    I think it is important to recognize why we are smoking. It is not just a bad habit or addiction. There are other things behind it. In my quit it has been helpful to be honest with myself.

    So, I ask you to look at yourself and question yourself about your smoking. Then work on the reason behind your smoking. I wish great success. I know you can do it.”

Quitting can seem overwhelming, like a steep mountain to climb. Tobacco is part of your life and change is hard. We get that.

We also know how incredible the view can look once you reach your summit (and even along the way). It’s easier when you have the right skills, support and tools.

For today, let’s explore your personal feelings about quitting.