Addressing Anxiety Before Quitting

Has the idea of quitting made you feel overwhelmed, restless or tense? This anxiety is normal! Your mind and body are reacting to a stressful and unfamiliar situation. Anxiety can be a roadblock to quitting. Read some ideas that can help.

Exploring and accepting these feelings can be hard. For example, being a non-smoker is unfamiliar. Maybe you started smoking as a teen and it’s been part of your life ever since. You might think of yourself as a smoker now.

The idea of not being a smoker anymore could feel odd or overwhelming. That may be true! At the same time, it is also true that you were not a smoker during another time in your life. When anxiety is telling you one thing, explore what else may be true.

Six Small Steps You Can Take to Manage Anxiety Before Quitting Cigarettes

You can take small steps to manage anxiety before quitting. These steps should be manageable and realistic for you. When you set yourself up for success, quitting can be less stressful and overwhelming.

Final Thoughts

You might feel grief at the loss of smoking in your life. This is normal. Grieving takes time, so be gentle and compassionate to yourself.

Anxiety is a normal part of quitting and of life. But when it interferes with your daily activities, it’s important to reach out for help. Consider who can support you, including your healthcare provider and the EX Community. You don’t need to go through it alone.