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How Nicotine Addiction Works

Using tobacco is more than just a series of "bad habits." It's a physical addiction. So let's talk about addiction in a real way.

Few people realize how nicotine actually changes their brain. Dr. Richard Hurt was the Founding Director of the Mayo Clinic Nicotine Dependence Center. In the videos below, Dr. Hurt explains the physical nature of addiction to nicotine and just how powerful it can be. He'll also tell you how medication can DOUBLE your chances of quitting and help you pick the right one for you.

Some people don't want to use medication to quit, because they think it's something they should do on their own with just their willpower. Or they've tried a medication before and don't think it worked. We hear that from a lot of people here on EX. Take just a few minutes to hear what Dr. Hurt has to say and then make up your mind.

Nicotine and Your Brain

Most tobacco users have no idea why it is so tough to quit. And that's because no one's ever explained to them how nicotine addiction really works. In this video, you'll get a chance to see what a bear it can be. The good news is, there's help. Once you understand how nicotine addiction works on the brain, you'll see why medication is so important. It can double your chances of quitting. In this video, Dr. Hurt explains how addiction works and how to choose the quitting medication that's right for you.

Next, consider quit medications that may work for you, as well as alternative options.