How Nicotine Addiction Works

Using tobacco is more than just a series of "bad habits." It's a physical addiction. So, let's talk about addiction in a real way.

You may not realize how nicotine has actually hijacked your brain, making quitting harder. You may not want to use medication to quit or you may have tried them before and didn't think they worked. You may think quitting is something you should do on your own, just with willpower.

Using medication can make quitting more comfortable and less stressful. And there's no shame in using it. Think of it like taping up a blister while you're out on a hike. It will help you enjoy the journey and get where you want to go.

Quitting Medications: Nicotine Nasal Spray

Nicotine spray gets nicotine into your system faster than other medications. It can be a little more difficult to use, but some people like to start off with it because it helps fight cravings quickly. The nicotine spray requires a prescription.

Next, consider quit medications that may work for you, as well as alternatives to medication.