Decide to Quit

Quitting can seem overwhelming. Tobacco is part of your life and change is hard. We know.

We also know amazing change can happen when you have the right support and tools to guide you.

EX works because it was built for you—with expert knowledge from Mayo Clinic and real tobacco users who understand the struggle and how to quit.

Your path to a tobacco-free life starts with a personalized approach to quitting: your EX Plan. We'll help you from there!

Get Inspired

Something's got you thinking about quitting. Maybe for the first time. Maybe for the next time. Hopefully for the last time.

Our EX Community is bursting with real people talking about their quitting stories. Need a little extra motivation to get you started on your own quitting journey? Read about others' successes and how great it can feel to live tobacco-free.

Or, post about what's inspiring you to quit. Writing about why you want to quit helps you know if now is the right time to try.

It may surprise you how ready you are. EX is here to help you take your next steps.

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“27 years ago I started smoking for all the wrong reasons…Now, at 42, I'm quitting for the right reasons.”


Get Confident

Even if you have a good reason to quit, it can be hard to feel confident that you're ready to start this journey. Activities within your EX Plan will empower you.

Tracking your tobacco use—before you even start quitting—will help you understand not just when you smoke, but why each cigarette of your day is different.

You may need a different approach to tackle each cigarette throughout your day, and that's normal. In fact, that's why we built a tool to help you strategize for each one in a way that works for you.

Confidence comes when you feel prepared for what's next.

Make a change with BecomeAnEX

How do you feel today?

Get Smart

Time for some Tobacco 101: Your brain has actually changed because of tobacco use.

You're off the hook—quitting isn't just about your willpower or how badly you want to quit. It's also about how you choose to reverse those changes.

Good news! Withdrawal and cravings don't last forever—and quit smoking medications can make the process of quitting tobacco easier.

There's tons more to learn about how nicotine affects you, and how to take back control of your body, your brain, and your new EX quit approach.

Make quitting easier

Nicotine increases the number of nicotinic receptors in the brain and makes you want to smoke when receptors are empty.

Get Started

Quitting is hard, but you've come to the right place.

With Mayo Clinic expert advice and the support of the EX Community, you'll start your quitting journey just by committing to wanting to quit—no quit date required.

Join us on EX, and turn your dreams of a tobacco-free life into reality.

Ok, let's do it!