Prepare to Quit

You're ready to quit tobacco. That's exciting! But it can also be a little scary. We get that.

Having a plan to deal with the tough times—and maybe even avoid the hardest parts—will make you feel confident as you start your journey.

EX helps you become your own quit expert with professional advice, a supportive community, and a tailor-made quit plan that learns and grows with you.

No matter what your quit journey looks like, we'll help you choose the right path.

Choose a Quit Date

When you pick a quit date, you're saying, "I'm in control of my life—goodbye, tobacco." It's empowering.

In preparation for your quit date, we'll send you tips and techniques by email and text to help you stay on track—and then we'll keep going to help you stay quit.

The countdown to your quit date may seem intimidating, but your EX Plan will get you there. On your way, you'll see the benefits adding up: the money and time you're saving, and the years you'll add back on to your life!

Set your quit date

Setting a quit date can be empowering and motivating. We'll help you reach your goal!

Choose Support

EX is so much more than a typical quitting website—we're full of real people to give you support and answers, when and where you need them.

Chat with our experts about different quit methods and medications, effective quit strategies, or maybe just what your next steps should be.

In the EX Community, you'll find inspiration, encouragement, and answers to questions by other real tobacco users and ex-smokers. No one knows what you're going through like people who have gone through it themselves.

If you prefer to do things more on your own, we can send you tips and techniques by email and text to support you along the way.

Your choice: Who will be your biggest source of support and encouragement?

Build a support system

"Quitting cigarettes is something that each of us must ultimately do on our own, but EX has provided us all with this community so that we don't have to do it ALONE. Tomorrow, I will have 1,000 days of freedom from nicotine. I couldn't have done it without the community here at EX."

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Choose Alternatives to Smoking

Cravings. Are. Hard. But, we can help you beat them. It starts with understanding your triggers.

With your custom EX Plan to quit, you'll identify and learn about the things that make you want to smoke (hint: it's more than just habit). Then, you can choose an alternative option to cope with each trigger—without tobacco.

Master your triggers

EX Trigger Tracker

Choose Medication

Cravings aren't just about willpower. Nicotine addiction is real. And it makes quitting harder than it has to be.

Quitting medications can make cravings less crazy and withdrawal more manageable, so you can focus on what you're gaining by quitting.

Find the quit medication that feels right for you.

Choose your medication

Choose Feeling Prepared

Prepare to quit and stay quit. Create a smart, custom quit plan built for you.

With Mayo Clinic expert advice and the support of the EX Community, you'll feel ready to embark on your quitting journey—different from any other time you've tried to quit before.

Join us on EX, and prepare to be
amazed at how confident you feel.

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