Explore EX resources for your quitting journey.

Health Issues & Benefits of Quitting:

Benefits & Rewards of Quitting Tobacco

Cardiovascular Disease & Smoking

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) & Smoking

COVID-19 / Coronavirus and Smoking or Vaping

Diabetes & Smoking

HIV & Smoking

Mental Health & Smoking

Pregnancy & Smoking

Quitting for Any Reason

Surgery & Smoking

Getting Ready to Quit:

3 Ways to Get Your Support System on Board With Your Quit

3 Reasons Why Alcohol and Drugs Make Quitting Smoking Harder

Addressing Anxiety Before Quitting

Build Your Support System Tool

Right Before You Quit

Set Your Quit Date

Track Your Tobacco and Identify Your Triggers

Quitting E-cigarettes

Quitting Snuff, Chewing Tobacco, or Snus

Quitting Cigarettes

Quitting Menthol Cigarettes

Quitting Zyn and Other Oral Nicotine Pouches

What is Zyn (and other Oral Nicotine Pouches)?

Why Experiencing Trauma Makes Quitting Harder

Why Set Your Quit Date on EX?

Quitting Medications & Methods:

Quit Medication Basics

Your Medication Options

Choosing the Right Medication Tool

Frequently Asked Questions About Using Medication to Help Quit

How Nicotine Addiction Works

Alternatives to Medication

Quitting Tips & Techniques:

4 Ways to Make Quitting Easier if You Drink or Use Drugs

4 Ways to Make Quitting Easier if You Have Experienced Trauma

Managing Cravings

Deep Breathing for Stress Relief

Grounding for Stress Relief

Visualization for Stress Relief

Keeping Perspective for Stress Relief

Advice & Support

Keeping Off the Weight When Quitting

New Ways to Relieve Stress

Preventing a Relapse

Talking to Family & Friends About Your Quit

The First Day You Quit

Tips to Quit Smoking or Vaping During COVID-19 / Coronavirus

Why Do I Feel Tightness In My Chest Now That I've Quit?

Why Does My Brain Feel Foggy After I Quit?

Now That I’ve Quit, Why Am I More Congested Than I Was Before?

What Are the Best Tools For Quitting?

Just One Can't Hurt, Right?

Finances, Stress, and Quitting

How To Recover From A Slip or Relapse

Helping a Teen or Young Adult Quit Vaping:

Helping a Teen or Young Adult Quit Vaping

Vaping 101

Busting Vaping Myths

Lay Foundation to Talk About Vaping

Start the Conversation about Vaping

Help Your Child Create a Plan To Quit Vaping

What If My Child Doesn’t Want to Quit Vaping?

Managing Stress

What to Do When Things Feel Out of Control